Why I don’t use “normal” shampoo anymore

Let's take a step out of our little bubble of habits and question what we should really put in our hair AND WHAT NOT!


Lately I’ve made some changes on my beauty routines.
I switched out shampoos, face and body care products and thought, why not let you know how it’s going so far.

So to  start off this series (I might turn into one), I thought I’d begin with my most asked question:

How did you get your hair like that?

My hair story

To begin, you know me, I want to start with my hair story.

First of all: I can count the times I went to a hairdresser on one finger. Because I only went once.
And that one time was 2017 when I did balayage.

You might wonder why and how I managed to not got to a hairdresser ever, and the answer is pretty much he easiest you could imagine:
My grandmother was a master hairdresser. 
So we (my siblings and I) never went to a hairdresser due to having one visiting us every third day.
And also, my mother worked in my grandma’s hair salon when she was in her twenties, so she does know how to cut hair, too.
So my hair never got cut too much, because my mother really encouraged us to let it grow.

I had long hair all my childhood until that one very day when I was about 5.
Included were the fact that all my friends in school suddenly had short haircuts, a barbie film and some craft scissors.
Let’s leave it there.

Anyways, I let my hair grow from that day on and had it cut again once 2011 to something between elbow and shoulder.
And ever since it grew and never saw a scissor again.

Why I changed my shampoo

My hair grows long, strong and beautiful, so what is there to worry about?
Well, I never really though about my shampoo or hair products in general.
I mean, yes, I loved experimenting with scents and fancy hair oils.

But I never really thought about what I am really using there. 
And based on my health awareness that might even be too strict sometimes, that’s pretty funny.

I mean, people staring at the back of a bag of crackers to spot whether there are weird ingredients isn’t unusual anymore.
But shampoos? 
At least I see and do the first thing way more often than the second.

It became apparent that what we put into our bodies affects the outside. 
But shouldn’t we still be aware of what we use on our bodies?


My solution

So, after I had an allergic reaction on my shoulders that was caused by a shampoo with a strange ph (I am very sensitive to disbalance), I changed my shampoo.
This one though messed up my whole hair structure, so my curls – which usually stay like they are for days – went straight after an hour!

And then I heard Pamela Reif talking about the shampoo she uses. 
A solid shampoo by Sante, a German brand that is known for natural and sustainable cosmetics. 
No parabens, silicons or other weird ingredients – just clean beauty.

And what shall I say?
I saw it, liked it, got it.

And as you see, my curls stay.

What is there to learn

Whilst putting the shampoo in my shower, I’ve noticed something good and not so good.

First the good:
In the last few months I replaced a few products with more sustainable and natural options.
For example my body wash is solid, I use refillable soap containers and now my shampoo is also plastic free.

There are so many easy ways to be more sustainable, even in your bathroom!

For example showering with your partner to save some water 😉

But to keep it serious for one more second: 
Giving your products an upgrade (or when it comes to ingredients, a downgrade), might be a nice and easy way to be more sustainable every day!


That’s about it.

I hope this little chatty post wasn’t to chaotic.
Sometimes the words just flow.

Feel free to leave me a comment on how you try to live more sustainable daily below!

Also, I’ve linked my shampoo down below.

See you soon!
Lina Marie W.

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