Where I’ve been

And happened while I was doing what I had to do.

So long story short.

Welcome back to the blog! And now let’s really get back into it and not as I said in my latest post from – I think it was December?

So where should I start. 

A lot of things changed since I last spoke or rather wrote to you.

1. The Look

Let me start with the thing most people notice right away. I pretty much don’t look the same.
And I know it always sounds a bit weird, saying something like that about yourself. So I thought, I’d insert pictures.

Left is from December 2020 

Right is from September 2021

But not only my hair or the way I do my makeup changed. I also dropped 7 kg (14lbs).
And that’s what I got the most comments about from family and friends.
Why and how I lost weight and what that actually did to my mental stability will be a blogpost itself, since there is more than “I ate less and moved more”.

But, yeah. I mean, I do think that I look very different and I am definitely not complaining! And to be honest, the next point might take a huge part in my outer appearance, too. So I won’t ramble on this topic any longer and hopp right into the next.

2. Mental Stability

Do you know these reels or tik toks where they say “show a picture of when you were at your lowest and no one noticed”?

For me, it’s pretty much  every photo from December 2020 until March 2021. 
Again, the whys and hows will be a whole topic on itself. But let me tell you something: Mental Stability does matter. 
And it can cause a whole lot of problems if you don’t look after yourself right.

I don’t only mean the self-care sundays oder treating yourself to a nice meal every day. Don’t get me wrong, these are nice ways to do something good to yourself. 

But what I mean by looking after yourself is even more and even deeper within your psyche than you could ever imagine. 
And it’s all about what you really want and truly need. 

This is the part where I went wrong. I thought I wanted to do something and ignored the warning signs that I went into the completely wrong direction. And made it through with a “not bad but not as it could have been”-outcome. Again, I will get into it a bit deeper sooner or later. 

But – to end this topic – i made up my mind and slowly started refocusing. I developed a new lifestyle, changed my home and habits and just my way of thinking. And even though I am not fully there yet (but who is though), my growing mental stability really did change me. A lot. 

3. Wine

This isn’t really a topic, but I wanted to make clear, that I was still drinking and enjoying wine. 

4. Nutrition(ist)

Another thing that I did in the meantime – I can now call myself a licensed nutritionist! 
It was something I was looking forward to for a long time and on the 18th of June 2021 I passed my exam and got my license!

I am still studying law though. But as you may or may not know, I don’t thing that there is ever a limit of things you can do in your life.  

5. The Plan

Since my birthday is right around the corner, I thought to end this post, I would do a “Goals List”

  • drinking more tea
  • doing more yoga
  • writing more
  • passing my bar exam
  • drinking good wine
  • meeting friends (since are able to again)
  • spending time with my significant other
  • eating good food
  • going for even longer walks and runs
  • snuggling up on the couch with a book
  • listening to nice audiobooks
  • making more road trips
  • continuing making these lists 

And with that…

I am going to get myself some breakfast and a nice black coffee!

Lots of love
Lina Marie


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