The perfect morning routine

That goes far beyond waking up and getting some coffee. With exclusive tips from my book "In dubio pro Vino"

Well, any day that ends with cake is a perfect day.

Grace Russel

We’re at a point where people are interested in what you’re doing first thing. Justifiably.

I mean, who isn’t more productive when the morning went right? Or in a better mood? Or able to cope with problems in a different (more rational) way? Raise your hands if you think that your morning routine is insignificant. Can’t see any raised hands in my office.
To be fair, I would be scared to my bones if there would be since i am the only person in my office.  But anyways.

Sustainable Morning routines are important.

Not sustainable in a “I only use bamboo toothbrushes” kind of way. I mean, if you do that’s great though!
But I mean sustainable in a long-lasting  doable kind of way. 

Since I love rambling – and I know that I love rambling – I’m gonna get right into it. 

Topic Overview
  • How to build your morning routine
  • Why you should wake up early
  • What to do if you failed a day
  • My morning routine

How to build your morning routine

Of course i can’t speak for everyone. But for me I noticed that a solid “good” morning routine should contain five big steps. 

  • Waking/Getting Up
  • Hygiene
  • Hydration
  • Moving
  • Nutrition
Waking/Getting up

This might be the trickiest part of the whole morning routine since it’s that part where you have to make the decision to leave your cozy and warm bed. But actually, it becomes easier the more your routine settles! I suggest to just get up. At some point you have to anyway and the longer you hesitate the more difficult it gets.
But if that mindset doesn’t help: Put your alarm some steps away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off.


Brush. Your. Teeth. Right. After. Getting. Up.

Thank you.

No really, brushing your teeth first thing in the morning (before breakfast) is better for your teeth than doing it directly after eating breakfast. 
And it’s better for morning kisses!


Your body went 8 or so hours without any water so getting some water in is a step that can’t be skipped!
I like adding in some fresh lemon juice to add some vitamin c and to wake my body up without drinking coffee before breakfast. 
So after brushing your teeth get a glass of water! 


Bringing the blood pressure up helps with tiredness and gets you going!
So moving in the morning might give you the kick you need to be productive and awake.

I prefer yoga or a morning walk/run.


Treating yourself to a nice and delicious breakfast is key to a happy day. No body wants to leave the house – or enter the home office – hungry, right?

Personally, I like to mix things up. One day that means porridge, the next day pancakes or french toast and the following day. acrossaint and fruit salad. 
Though I am not too strict with my nutrition rules in the morning, I still like to keep it pretty healthy.
With breakfast I usually have a black coffee to round it up.

Why you should wake up early

I know that a lot of people don’t want to hear it. But 8:00 isn’t early, sorry.

Yes, it’s easy for me to say that since my sleeping in tim is around 7am. But – and that’s really a thing – waking up early increases not only your productivity but also your energy levels. 

Think about this for a second:

You’re waking up at 9am. It is already bright outside and you get going with your day. At around 7pm in autumn the sun already sets and it’s slowly but surely getting dark outside. So you’re having 10 hours of sunlight. When the sun sets the human body thinks “ok, the night is right around the corner – let’s get tired than”. You’re settling into sleep mode and aren’t as productive and focused anymore. And wine time starts and we all know that after the first glas of wine nothing more happens work-wise. So you had a total of 10 bright hours for productive, focused and “good” work.

Now let us calculate what happens if you’re waking up at 6am. I know that the sun isn’t up at 6 in autumn. But what happens here is the following: Since you’ve slept around 8 hours right before the darkness that’s still outside, your body is pretty rested and won’t get into the  “night mode” it has been for the past hours. It just doesn’t need it in the morning (but after a long work day indeed). So when you’re starting your day at 6 rather than 9am, you get 3 more hours of daylight. 

I know that if you’re sleeping 8 hours no matter wether you’re waking up early or not you’ll still have the same daytime-hours. But when you think about the daylight hours, it actually makes a huge different!

Also. speaking of going to bed-times. When you’re waking up at 9am and want to get the recommended sleep of about 8 hours, means you go to bed at 1am. BUT – and I am sure that you’ve heard of it at some point – the sleep before midnight is the most important one. 
So when you don’t sleep 10 or more hours (which has the opposite effect and makes you even more tired), waking up late also implicates going to bed too late. Just to mention it. 

So let me sum it up: Waking up early really does make a difference!

What to do if you failed a day

First, let me make this clear: your routines are never fail proof. They are the outcome of daily try and error. So when you are just establishing a new routine, don’t be too hard on yourself.
And even after weeks and months of doing the same thing every morning, routines are never set in stone. 

Me for example, I like to see it as a sign to change something. When I notice that I struggle with a step in my routine, it’s time to change it up a bit. I like to have a “Thursday”. My mid-week morning on which I wake up whenever my body wants to, keep my comfy morning-clothes on until I am really ready to change into some “real clothes” (sometimes I keep them on til winetime) and just do whatever I feel like. I haven’t planned to have such a day on Thursday but somehow it just made it’s way into my routine.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself and changes are a big part of finding sustainable routines.

My morning-routine

Let’s get through this real quick:

  • Waking up around 5 or 6
  • Getting up 10 minutes later
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Drinking some water
  • Doing yoga
  • Drinking lemon water or tea while planning my day
  • Breakfast and my beloved black coffee
  • Switching on work mode

And with that…

Have nice dreams and I hope you will find your perfect morning routine!

Lots of Love,
Lina Marie W.


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