How to organise your life in 2021

Organise your life in 2021 with these 5+1 tips to really achieve your goals. Plus: I've got something to help you with following these tips.

We are heading into 2021 and you know what that means.

Give me those new years resolutions that look nice written down but aren’t really made to last for more than two days!
Okay no, seriously.

Whenever a new year is around the corner, resolutions and plans are made.
It is the same as with Mondays.

“I’ll start working out the Monday after new years.”

We all did it. Me included.
And usually we do have good reasons to keep pushing our first workout further and further until we manage to convince ourselves that it isn’t necessary anymore since new years is just around the corner.
But to be honest, this won’t work this time.

Because there are no excuses!
Most of us are working from home and we aren’t going out as much as we used to.
So the “I’ve got no time” argument just isn’t solid anymore. And let’s face it.
If we’ve got something, it’s time.

So let us take 2021 as a chance to FINALLY stick to our resolutions, ok?

But, and I know that we all do it, if you have some issues with getting rid of the Monday-mentality I’ve got your back.


1. The right planning method

I’ve talked about this before, but now I can also show you what I mean by it!
So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve designed a planner that follows a specific planning method.
And this method will allow you to have multiple Mondays a week!

Here is how it works:
Instead of not separating your week, but having Monday to Sunday at a glance, it seems inseparable!
But it actually is.
Who said that the fresh start is only the Monday after the weekend?
Why not saying a new week starts every 3 to 4 days? 
A week A (Monday to Wednesday) and week B (Thursday to Sunday)?

And this is exactly what I did. 
I separated the week into two parts, means I no longer have 1 long but 2 shorter weeks.
As easy as it is, it will change your planning game!

2. Keep it simple!

Yes, I know that bullet journals with flowers and unicorns and 20 page success trackers can be pretty impressive.
But hand to heart – do we really have time for creating a special and extravagant base for planning so we don’t waste time?

So let us try to keep it simple this year, unless it is your hobby to creatively design a journal by hand!

I’Ve noticed that I get done most when I just write down my to dos and when I have to be somewhere.
So I designed the planner exactly like that: simple and doable.

No chichi or anything extra that might be distracting or time consuming to fill out.
This way I find it the easiest to stay organised and keep all my tasks ready to check!

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule!

It isn’t a secret that I am one of the hugest fans of routines and schedules.
If you know what you want to do when, it is way less possible that you’ll find an excuse to not do it.

So get yourself some good routines:

  • Morning routine, meaning when you wake up and how you’ll start your day.
  • Workout schedule! When will you workout which part of your body for how long?
  • Household schedule (because we all should have one).
    How often will you clean the kitchen and when?  When is laundry day? When will you vacuum the living room?
  • Evening routine
  • Meal plan!!! If you want to keep it healthy next year, a meal plan will be your helping hand.

As small these things might seem, but they can get mixed and piled up. So schedule them!

4. Track, track, track

Whether it is a task your are ticking off your list or a workout you’ve done.
Tracking is as important as setting rewards.

Especially when you are a bit (or a bit more) unmotivated, tracking your workouts can be a true game changer!
Same with every other thing you want to achieve – tracking your success will make it less hard to stick to it!

But I’m not only talking about tracking your success.
Tracking your budget is also such an important thing that yet gets swept under the table too much.
Even though we all have and love these plastic cards that magically carry our money around for us and we can check all incomes and outgoings on our mobile devices whenever we want, do you really check back each month?
And if yes, really?
I can’t recommend it enough to right them down every month.
It doesn’t need to be in detail, but the overall situation should be clear.

5. Keep this one offline

Last but definitely not least.
Something that I’ve noticed over the past two to three years is that planning online is quick, easy and always available (when you’ve got internet).

But, and that realisation was mind blown, it is online.
I mean, yes, obviously. That wasn’t the mind blown fact.

What I mean is, that when you plan online, you ARE online. 
Means you are available and all your apps will notice that.
So you’ll get a notification from Instagram, an email from your grandma, the news about the pandemic and so on and so forth. 
When you go online, you are available.
Even if you only wanted to quickly check the date.

So better keep it offline whilst planning.
I mean, birthdays and important meetings I do write into my calendar online so I get notified… but the daily stuff happens offline.

+1 Everything at once

I’ve already popped it in there.
But yes, my planner “Simply Organised” is now available and the best thing:
It is based on the tips above.
You don’t have to search for one that combines everything I’ve mentioned – I did it for you!

The planner comes in paperback, so it is extra light weight and is available in black and white.
Minimal design, simple and doable.

So (and now my favourite slogan):

Organise your life with the beauty and power of simplicity!


Available on amazon, waterstones, hugendubel, thalia and basically everywhere you can find books.

I will call it a post here, but I would love to read your thoughts on this post and the planner!!
So feel free to leave me a comment below.

See you soon!
Lina Marie W. 

Simply Organised 2021


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