The planning method (I’ve been keeping a secret)

Planning and organising might be one of the things you either do or try.

No one can tell me that they do not plan anything!
Even if you say “I will have this or that for lunch” is perfect planning.

But let me quickly explain what I mean by “do or try”.

As with diet and exercise, there is no perfect and universal fit when it comes to planning either. 
You can’t just find something that works for absolutely everyone.

And what I’ve noticed is that people are either knowing what works for them organise wise or trying to plan with false methods and then don’t stick to it and try over and over again.

For that reason I wanted to introduce you to my method that is pretty bullet proof.

My planning method – 3 main rules

So, I am someone who does and tries all the time.
I would consider myself as someone who is pretty solid with plans and once I’ve made on, I’ll stick to it pretty much.
But also, I will try new and better ways all the time and in that term try and error is very much of a thing.

What shall I say, I love me some good self optimisation every now and again.

But what I’ve definitely kept throughout the years are 3 little rules that complete my planning method.

1. Embrace simplicity

Nothing is more confusing than an overfilled journal where you can’t even find the space to actually put your to dos into!
So I like to keep it pretty simple and therefore mostly right down my to dos and appointments. 
I also like to keep a little note section next to me due to my always racing mind that comes up with ideas all the time.
Also, I love minimal designs when it comes to planning so I won’t be distracted by extras that I don’t really need or things that misguide my creativity.

Simplicity is also meant in terms of “going back to the roots”.
Even though a lot of things happen online now, plans and to dos shouldn’t!
And that’s because of the simplicity of opening a planer without getting distracted or caught by notifications that pop up on your screen or the Instagram app icon that invites for a click.
Because though it seems as if planning on your phone might be simple, it actually isn’t!

2. Don’t over-plan

One thing I was pretty guilty of was planning every minute of my day and getting anxious when something wasn’t working out that way.
Though I’m still a fan of organising tasks by hours, I wouldn’t recommend overdoing it.
I mean, yes, if you have an appointment at 3.30PM, write that down.
And also, your morning routine can be a good thing to be marked so you kinda have an idea of what your day will be like time-wise. 

But before writing down your tasks minute by minute, better keep a to do list next to you and block out a time slot for “to do list tasks”.

I like to plan my appointments and write down my to dos.
This way I let myself space to see when I want to do things and if I can’t get them done that day, it will simply be moved to the next.

3. Split your week – The new monday mentality (3 days a page)

This is something I already spoke about in my book (IN DUBIO PRO VINO – Erkenntnisse aus dem Leben einer Jurastudentin).
I am so guilty of that Monday mentality that I always need a reason for a fresh start. 
So, yes, I am that typical “start a new diet on January 1st” type of women. 

But over the past years I found a way to trick myself into having a new “Monday” multiple times a week.
And that is pretty simple.

Usually you would plan “Monday to Sunday” or “Sunday to Saturday”.
But what if you would simply plan “Monday to Wednesday” and “Thursday to Sunday”?
That way you would split one week into two.
As easy as it sounds just as effective it is.

You won’t have to wait for a new Monday to flip the page but rather flip it every 3 to 4 days!
So a fresh start after every Wednesday?
Umm, yes please?!

Let me know your thoughts on planning and organising!

See you soon
Lina Marie W.

So… I’ve been keeping a secret

I’ve noticed that there are no planners out there which cover all my rules for simple planning.
And writing a bullet journal just takes too much time to be called simple in my opinion. 

And so I finally did something, I planned (pardon the pun) to do for years.

Let me introduce you to


Buy here

The pocket calendar that covers all the mentioned rules above. 
And that for only 12,99€ all together!


You will get:

  • 3 days per page planning method
  • To-Do-Lists with checkboxes
  • Space for Notes
  • 2021 Overview
  • Workout schedule
  • Success tracker
  • Household schedule
  • Budget tracker

To say I am excited would be the understatement of the century!

So turn your 2021 around an organise your life with the beauty and power of simplicity!


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