My Timeless Make-Up Look I wear almost every day

easy, time-, effortless and definitely zoom-meeting proof! 

Even on days when you’re working from home or/and can’t be bothered to do any make up it’s so important to do anyway!
Why that is, I already conquered in my second to last post “Boost your productivity“, which you should definitely give a read after this one!

But let us stick with the quick make up routine a second so you can continue your day afterwards.

First of all, I won’t only show you my routine step by step.

(I will do so, but not only that)
There are 5 essentials that make this routine what it is – easy, timeless and effortless.

So let’s jump right into it.

1. Don’t overdo it with Foundation!

Especially heavy make up can make you feel uncomfortable and masqueraded which is never a good thing.

What I do for foundation can be described with one letter: C.

CC Cream & Concealer.

This not only saves time but is also very gentle on the skin.

By the way: I don’t talk about skincare here! Make sure to wear your usual daydream, SPF and so on!

2. Stick to the basics

I know that eye shadows can do magic when you got according skills.
But to keep it timeless, stick to the basics – especially when it comes to eye make up!

This will not only saves you time, but also, glittery eye shadows can look very weird when you’re taking zoom calls with video. 

I love the typical eyeliner-look and don’t even do a wing.
Just look what suits your eyes best, but you just can’t go wrong with the little black line and some mascara on the upper and lower lashes!

3. Don’t forget your brows!!

How sad for the brows to be forgotten too often!
I was guilty of that for a long time and definitely regret it.

There is a reason why the brows are called the frame of the face.

So take care of them and accentuate them properly – not too dark but just enough so they are noticeable.

It will make it look as if you put way more effort into your make up than you actually did!

4. Rosy cheeks, please

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot about beauty from my mother and my grandmother. And one thing that I always think about is how both of them used to gently cuff my cheeks before photos.

And that was for a good reason: Cuffing your cheeks will give you a natural blush which is just beautiful! 
So another step that shouldn’t be underestimated!

Adding a little bit of blush to your cheeks will make you look healthy, fresh and awake!

5. Add some colour to your lips

Something I’ve discovered a few years ago is my love for lipsticks!
Dark, light, pink, red, nude.

All of them are so beautiful and just easy to wear!

So why not embrace it even if we’re at home?

It looks lovely on camera, makes you feel even more like the girl boss that you are and is just too easy to not do it!

Oh, and it makes you look even more put together, even if you can’t be bothered to do the steps above.

… and that’s about it

Let me know your go-to make-up look! 
Tag me @linamariew or with #linamariew on Instagram so I can see your posts!
Also I would love to read your thoughts on my look, so feel free to write into the comment section!!

See you soon!
Lina Marie W.


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