Growing up I never really had problems with my skin that much. But with the time, upcoming stress, new surroundings and more sensitivity to a bad diet or not-so-good habits, I had to face the problem of my skin reacting to those circumstances quite rapidly.

I tried a lot of products which guaranteed perfect and instant results but nothing seemed to help. So I made a decision and changed my life to get my healthy, glowing and acne-free skin back. 


What I did for better skin

Changing my diet.
I cut out milk, overly processed foods, refined sugars, unhealthy fats and slimmed down my wheat intake a lot. To be honest, it wasn’t that much of a deal for me because my diet was healthy before, too. But I thought maybe it would be better to finally reduce those unhealthy extras which consumption I always justified because of being an exception. 

Being aware of stress.
A lot of mental pressure or hormonal irregularities can have an impact on your skin. So I tried to figure out why I am stressed and what causes my skin to break out. The solution to it wasn’t easy, but it was the best for my overall wellbeing and instantly affected my skin positively.

Drinking more water. 
Is there anything I have to add to that whole “water is healthy and your body needs it for healthy skin and overall wellbeing”? I guess not, so let’s move on.

Cutting down on products.
This one leads me back to the actual topic. I stopped using a ton of products and now use only ONE product daily. Also if I look for make up or other products that go directly onto my skin I try to opt for natural and organic ingredients.

My skin routine:

First I wash my face with water and a reusable “cotton pad”. I got little face cloths from my mother last Christmas which remove every single bit of make up without any soap or actual make up remover! Just rinse them under warm water and carefully with a bit of pressure simply go over your face and eyes to get off any paint. After that you can wash them with natural face soap and they are perfectly clean again. I couldn’t find the exact ones I have, but these should have the same effect.

After that I only use some drops of 100% natural and pure rosewater. It took some time for my skin to adapt to it. But the great thing with rosewater is, that it balances out the pH Level of your skin so it can be used with every skin type and did some magic on my skin after a short time!

I sometimes then also use some vitamin c and e to ease out any discoloration in cause of my bad skin some time ago and if I need it an all natural moisturizer (I am currently on the haunt for a new one). 

TIP: If I break out (especially around that time of the month) I use tea tree oil on the spots I need it. 


And there you have it. My complete skincare which solved almost all my skin problems. But always keep in mind that products and changes of the things you put ON your body won’t make that much of a difference if your inner health isn’t that great. 

We all know it: Beauty comes from the inside.

See you soon

Lina Marie W.


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