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Little steps into a healthy lifestyle

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Little steps into a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to being and staying healthy, opinions go wider than oceans and sometimes we can feel like drowning. But isn’t it supposed to be easy living the way that nature designed us to?

Society confused us with loads of definitions what we’re supposed to call healthy or what we have to do if we dare to call us healthy. 

The only way to eat healthy is to give up carbs. You need to work out at least three times a week in a gym for an hour. Alcohol is a no go when you want to live healthy. Going for a walk isn’t a work out. 

Let’s make it clear for now and for ever: When it comes to health there just is no one size fits all solution. Health is a process of finding what works out for you – physical and mental wise. 

But since it is not easy to find the right path, especially in the big and overwhelming world of foods, diets and nutritions, I want to give you three little steps to slide into a healthier lifestyle today.


Step one: Think about working out and what works out for you

This is definitely the one step that changed my life the most in regards to health and fitness. It was not that long ago that I discovered working out in a gym for an hour straight isn’t for me. So I suggest really trying loads and loads of different work outs and getting into a routine of doing something. It doesn’t has to be one particular thing. Maybe you love doing yoga after a stressful day and going for a run in the morning to set the mood for work. After some time you will find yourself getting into a routine. And if you start today, tomorrow will already be better.

Step two: Add more fresh ingredients to your shopping list and cross out processed foods

Just as easy as it sounds. And if you are not that “shopping list” type of person, I suggest just starting writing one. Sit down, take a piece of paper and go through your pantry and fridge. Think about what you want to eat the following three days and than try to substitute the processed tomato sauce with sieved tomato and spices. Opt for whole potatoes instead of potato fries and if you want some extra greens, put baby spinach (which you can put a handful of into every sauce) on your list. Continue with every meal that your planning. And also write down these staples: Pasta (I love Bavette pasta), chickpeas, courgettes, sweet potatoes, canned coconut milk (at least 70%), yoghurt, apples and basmati rice.

Step three: Go for a walk right after you read this post. 

Even though we love to think that we don’t have time for such things, it’s the easiest thing we can do: going for a walk. Our bodies were actually designed to walk for hours and hours. Maybe that’s why we can feel sluggish after spending the whole day on the sofa doing nothing. It’s not in our blood to lay around and do nothing – in fact, we can get ill from doing so. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to have duvet days every now and then. But it should be an exception. Even if it means to walk to the nearby grocery store to get some bits and pieces instead of hopping into the car. Getting in some fresh air and step counts on our fitness watch isn’t only good for us but also for our environment. 

Of course there are many more things you could do to become healthier. But these ones are definitely a good start and the ones that are the most doable. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe I gave you some ideas. Let me know your key steps to a healthier lifestyle! 

Lots of Love,
Lina Marie 




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