How to make healthy pancakes (without bananas)

No matter how you call them.

Pancakes, Crepes, Eierkuchen.

They are delicious!
But even though it is totally healthy to sometimes eat the typical ones with sugar, white wheat and milk – we don’t want to eat them only sometimes, right?
So good news: These healthy ones (almost) taste like the ones our grandma makes without being unhealthy at all!

And the one thing you have to do is swapping three ingredients!
I’m gonna show you how to make these 

delicious, healthy and easy pancakes!

This time this isn’t a vegan recipe – but you can make it vegan by simply swapping the two eggs with 2 “vegan eggs” (e.g. chia seed eggs).


  • Oats to make flour (you can use oat flour, whole grain flour or almond flour)
  • 2 eggs
  • plant milk (I use oat milk)
  • maple sirup
  • salt
  • oil for the pan




Ground the oats in your food processor or blender until it’s flour.

You can take more oats and store any leftover for later.


Now put 2 cups of flour, the 2 eggs, 1 cup of plant milk, about a teaspoon of maple sirup (optional) and a pinch of salt into a bowl and mix it all together.

You can vary with the milk and flour ratio depending on your preferred consistency.
I like my pancakes to be thinner just like crepes, so I add a lot of milk.


Put the pan on middle heat and then add a tiny bit of oil into the pan.
I recommend moving the pan around a bit to really spread the oil evenly.

Now wait until the pan is evenly heated.


Now you do it like you do it with pancakes:

Pour mixture into the pan, wait until there are bubbles all over one side and then turn it and fry it until its golden-brown.

The best thing about pancakes is that you can top it off with anything you want!
I personally love something fruity to go along with it.
For that reason I love making a simple berry sauce for which I basically just put mixed berries into a pot and heat them up.
But also maple sirup, peanut butter, apples – the list is endless and the choice is yours!

Let me know how you like the recipe and tag me @linamariew on Instagram when you try it yourself!


Bon appétit


See you soon,

Lina Marie W.


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