My experience with having gel nails

Gel nails, shellac, preformed. The all look amazing and offer an easy and fast opportunity for growth and strength. Here is what I learned about it.


Everyone has different experiences and the following is just what I’ve noticed while having gel nails. This might not be my final opinion on it and if I would want to go back to having gel nails I so will and hope it won’t lead to comments like “you’re a liar” or something like that. Just so you know. 


What are Gel Nails?

I am pretty convinced, that if you are reading this post, you might already know what gel nails are. But to prevent confusion I want to quickly tell you which way of fake nails I mean.

There are different ways to get false nails.
Shellac, gel, preformed, acrylic. And during lockdown we all got to know how to do them on our own. But if not, you can also get them done in salons that are specialized in it.

By gel nails I mean those, where the gel is put on your nails directly and with which your nails can be a bit extended if wanted. This gel needs to be held under UV-light to be harden and depending on the thickness of the gel it is applied three to six times in layers.
These kind of gel nails won’t break that easily if you are handling them correctly and if you do enough layers.

And to be honest, after filing them into the right shape and so they are nice and smooth, they are pretty much done.

My experience

So I think there is one point in the life of a women where she decides to either get her nails done or not. 
I asked myself this very question about one year ago and decided that I finally wanted to try it after both my mother and my sister swore by their nails. Fortunately my sister does her nails on her own for over two years now, so I wasn’t forced to attend a nail studio for my first try. “My first try” because I did many.

So my sister is very good at doing nails and it was a nice chatty afternoon. But after a few days some of my nails chipped because I wasn’t used to use them. I opened cans, built up furniture and wasn’t really paying attention to my new nails – I thought they were made to be strong and protective.
After another month – my sister renewed my nails and I got taught when to be more careful with them – I decided to move aways from coloured nail polish. I am more of a french nails type of girl so I went for “naked” and only painted the tips. 

After a while I got really into more squared shapes and filed my nails down and it looked TERRIBLE. At that point I was very sick of having nails and it was such a back and forth so I ripped them off. 
Notice: Never just rip your nails off! It can hurt very bad and leave your nails damaged!

Long story short: I went back to nails, got sick of them and the process of doing them (I did it myself after a short while) and ripped them off. Did them and ripped them off. So after a few months my nails where so porous and thin and sensitive, that I was forced to leave them undone which was very uncomfortable and painful.

The conclusion

After I went to having gel nails one more time I said that this would be the last time. As soon as one ships or they aren’t my cup of tea anymore I will get them off (gently!!!!) and won’t have them again until I really want it.
And until then – now about one month ago – my nails really recovered and got nice and strong again. 
To be honest, the length is something I really miss. Now they are very natural and more on the shorter side which – as I think – doesn’t suit my fingers very well…

But I suppose that’s something I can easily get along with instead of always worrying about shipping or breaking them.

Right now I like my happy little nails.

What are your experiences with gel nails or similar? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon
Lina Marie W.


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