The ONE Thing I do everyday

There is nothing much to say about me, but one thing that I am is a ritual loving person. I think that the more rituals and routines you have, the better your day is.
But even though I am such a routine lover, I also tend to overthink and always keep on optimizing my routines and rituals.

The smaller the change the bigger the difference – right?

Despite the fact that you should always keep on optimizing your daily habits, there is one thing I sticked to over the past months and what I think, I won’t give up that easily. And this ONE thing does not only improve my overall health and strengthens my immun system. It also picks me up after that little too much of wine the day before or not feeling myself in general.

And this little ONE thing is a simple as drinking water. Because it’s not very far away from that. In fact it is drinking water with a little extra:
Every morning after I woke up and took my probiotics, I drink a big glass of water with ginger and lemon. Most of the times I prepare a huge bottle of the lemon & ginger tonic Lydia Elise Millen shared on her blog. The rest of the time I do it the old fashioned way:

• cut a piece of ginger into tiny chunks
• add boiling water to it and let it sit for at least 10 minutes
• when its cooled down a little bit, add fresh lemon juice
• optional: add honey and cinnamon.

Enjoy while still hot.

As mentioned, I drink that every morning on an empty stomach. When I travel I usally prepare the mentioned tonic and carry it around in a little glass bottle. Try and let me know wether you like it!

See you soon
Lina Marie W.


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