Decluttering your wardrobe can be an act full of tears, frustration and cluelessness. I've got your back! Ask yourself these question to sort out your closet!

Basically, there are two seasons to renew yourself and your home:

early February and the end of August


And one of the biggest areas to tackle around that time is your wardrobe. A lot of non-worn pieces, overlooked jackets and damaged accessories hanging around in their dark cages just waiting to be given to someone who will not just take them for granted or – even worse – forget.

This way it sounds really tragic and dramatic to keep clothes that just aren’t as loved anymore as they used to be. 

I don’t want to personify clothes or objects in any way – just to make it clear! But if the thought of sad dresses and shoes makes you want to declutter then I won’t judge you.

By the way…

I haven’t really watched Marie Kondo and don’t know wether the following might be similar. Apologies if it is!

But to be honest the method you are just about to read is my go to for years now. I go through my wardrobe after every season with this technique and try to declutter and pass clothes I haven’t worn to friends and family or to charity!

But without further ado let’s hop right into it.

THE 5 Questions to Ask yourself

1. Does it fit?

A nicely fitted piece isn’t something to throw or give away. But the question is – does it really fit? Is it comfortable to wear, does the colour suit your skin tone, is it flattering for your shape and height?
Always keep in mind: Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.
And don’t get me wrong: It’s not about weight or body shapes. Everyone has a different feeling on comfort in clothes and how something fits. 
I just want to remind you that a piece that doesn’t fit properly shouldn’t be in your closet.

2. Is it broken/ripped/discoloured?

I catch myself not throwing ripped or discoloured pieces away directly and end up stumbling over them in my closet all the time which is pretty annoying. But to fix that problem we do these decluttering sessions, am I right?

So another very important question: Is the quality still good or at least acceptable?
If yes: next question. If not, bye bye bye. 

3. Have I worn it once last season?

Aha! Now we’re talking about the interesting stuff. 
This one question is the most hated I suppose because it forces one to face the facts and the truth. 
A clothing item that hasn’t been worn ONCE the last season (obviously the last season that it was meant to be worn in) will most likely not be worn the next. So do yourself a favor and finally say goodbye if the next two questions can’t be answered with a yes.

4. Will I definitely wear it the next month or to an upcoming event?

We all have these nice long evening dresses in our closet that aren’t really meant to be worn around the garden. (To be fair, if you want to, go for it!)
So this question will save these items you know you will wear on an upcoming occasion. (doesn’t have to be the next btw)

Same for shoes, handbags and coats. 

5. Does it have sentimental value?

And now: The joker.

Does it mean something special to you.

A handbag your mother gave to you, your granddads jacket or the dress you wore when your husband proposed to you. 
All these items that are connect to memories that just can’t be thrown or given away will be saved by this question.

Tipp: If you have a lot of these sentimental pieces, I would recommend getting an extra box for them so they don’t pile up between your other daily clothes.

And there you have it. 

It may seem a lot to ask yourself but with the time you’ll get an eye for that.

My last tipp for decluttering:

Put on some YouTube videos or a movie and enjoy that process of renewing your closet!
I always get new outfit ideas while doing it and it feels so much better afterwards!

Nice to know:

Some stores have a basket for old clothing. H&M for instance takes old clothes – doesn’t matter wether they are ripped, new, worn, etc – and reuses them depending on their condition. Some of the clothes are given to charity, others will be used to make new clothing items. For each bag of clothing you get a discount for your next purchase and I think that that’s pretty nice idea to make fashion more sustainable!

With that I hope your next declutter session will be successful!

See you later.
Lina Marie W.


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