Boost your productivity during December

In these darker months, you might notice a lack of productivity due to missing light and the typical winter blues. Don't worry, I got your back with these 5 tips for an instant boost of productivity!

So here we go again!

As you may know from my Instagram, I took a little refresh and refocus break from my blog and social media in general. 
On reason is, that my studies (I study law) started again and I am about to write my bar exam pretty soon.

The other – more important one – was, that I just had a lack of creativity and productivity writing and photography wise.
After launching my book in May this year and with all that is going on, I just felt a bit pushed down by the weight of things.

But hey, I’m definitely not here to complain, so lets jump right in.

And what better topic to start off productive than boosting productivity?

5 Tips to boost your Productivity immediately

As a law student, productivity is definitely something I am faced with daily. 
Wether it’s a boost or a lack of it – my level of it affects my success.
So I got some good, easy and immediately effective tips to boost your productivity NOW!

1. Write your tasks down!

This one I thought, I would make clear right away.
If you know me, you could have guessed, that “to-do-lists” had to be in here somewhere.
But this goes a bit further: Not only have a to do list, but rather write it down on paper.
Yes, with a pencil or pen on a real sheet of paper.

Reason for that: If you’re like me, to do lists on my phone or in my google calendar directly distracts and leads me to check my emails, go through my notifications on Instagram or answer my WhatsApp messages. 
NOT GOOD for productivity. 
So to avoid that, writing things down on a non distracting piece of paper – or in my case in my to do list book is a game changer! 


2. Wake up to an alarm (and better one hour earlier)

I won’t tell you a wake up time.
However, getting up early is a productivity booster.
But if you are not ready yet to kickstart old and new becoming New Years resolutions, just set an alarm 5 minutes before you would usually wake up.
Even if that’s 9 AM.

Reasons for that: An alarm really is a sign for having life together and makes us think that we are more productive!
So no matter, when your alarm beeps or sings or lights up.
As long as it does, it may be an instant motivation and productivity boost!

Also: Sometimes setting a later alarm may be more effective than one that goes off to early!
If you know, that there is NO WAY you’re going to get up at 6 AM, than just don’t!
It would just cause a feeling of failure and who want’s that at a productive day? No one.


3. Get dressed, even if now one will see it

I love this one because it was such a game changer for me.
Few years ago I realised that being a cozy burrito in sweatpants and already-worn-it-yesterday-and-the-day-before-sweaters just wasn’t the key to success.
Note here: after my school graduation I worked from home and hadn’t to be anywhere. 

Even though my home office situation hasn’t changed, I now dress up daily! With full on make-up, hair, shoes and matching accessories.
At this time we don’t get to go out as often as we used to, but who said that we had to change our getting-ready routines?
So don’t skip putting on real pants in the morning.

Reasons for that: You will feel more put together, the look in the mirror is even more pleasing and if you have Zoom calls, you don’t have to fear standing up to get something from a different room!

Also: Dress up for your dog walks, you don’t want to embarrass your fur child, do you?


4. Get a coffee.

Not that I have to point out, what magic coffee can do, but having a hot beverage next to you really does boost your productivity.
If you already drank your 1 liter of coffee at 10 AM (guilty of that 🙋🏼‍♀️), you might wanna switch it up with tea, matcha or chai lattes or – not hot but works as well – water.

Reasons for that: This whole “having a cup next to you” thing functions as a start point for work. 
Also, hydration is always a good idea and especially important for your brain.

Also: Have you seen the tealabel-wine hack on Instagram? 


5. Set an end time

Nothing kills productivity as much as not knowing where to start and when to end.
If you’re to dos piles up to the roof and you think that you won’t be finished until Christmas, that’s when your motivation kills your productivity.
Because if you start, it will never end, so better not start – right?
My tip here: Set yourself a precise end time. 
Say, by 6PM you will be closing your notebook or you will answer all emails that came in until 5 or you will work through the files from a to f and the next day g to l. 
You know the drill.

Reasons for that: This might be similar to a to do list. But what’s important here is, that you will have time to breath in sight and won’t be overwhelmed by a mountain of things to do, because you know that it won’t get higher than what it is at 6PM.

Of course, this is meant for a day to day basis.
If you have to do something that has to be ready the next day, set the end time to 7AM the next morning, hop back to 4. and good luck for that night shift!


And there you have it – my favourite 5 kickstart and boost productivity tips.
I hope you find them helpful!

Definitely let me know your tips in the comments! 
I’d love if we can create a productivity-hacks-space there! 

See you soon,
Lina Marie W.


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