Better Skin with these steps

Our skin is the biggest organ and the mirror of our inner health. Having problems with the skin can have a bunch of reasons - and I have some good solutions for that.


Everyones skin skin is different and what worked for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. Keep in mind that a lot of skin related problems can base on hormonal or situative reasons, that can change daily.

My Story & Solution

To be fair – there isn’t much to say about my skin.

Growing up I always had this normal skin type. I only needed to put some Nivea creme on and it was perfectly fine. Even in my puberty my skin wasn’t that bad as I remember.

Looking back I would have preferred acne back then and not having it after the age of 18.

But as fate decided my skin completely turned around when I was about 20 years old. Surprise surprise – it wasn’t the contraceptive pill as you might guess now.

So what was it that “damaged” my skin?

My breakouts startet in early 2018 when me and my boyfriend lived in Hanover. At that time I worked at a fashion retail store and was just experiencing the meaning of living alone for the first time.

We ate pasta nearly every day, I was very unhappy with my study and my job. And tbh my overall wellbeing wasn’t that well.

I noticed my skin changing and getting worse and worse, so I bought nearly everything with “clear skin” on the label. But nothing worked.

You may already guess, what I did to heal my skin.
And no – you are totally wrong…

Looking back I was so naive thinking that putting various anti-acne products on my skin would help curing my breakouts. OF COURSE NOT.

So I  thought, maybe a different contraceptive pill that was designed to help getting better skin would be the answer.
And let me make this one clear: IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA messing with your hormones just for better skin. Contraceptives are still medicine and shouldn’t be taken as beauty vitamins (see what I did there?).

And after that didn’t worked out either – it took me six months and a lot of hours researching on that topic to realize – I had to finally come to the conclusion that I had to change something in my diet and overall lifestyle.

Let’s always keep in mind:
The skin is a mirror of our overall wellbeing and inner health.

5 Steps to better skin

To sum it up, I am gonna tell you how I managed to get almost perfect skin that hardly ever breaks out anymore. And I can guarantee that it is easier, more affordable and even more effective than you might think.

1. Situation

This might seem as the most questionable in here but I figured for me it was my most important one. What I mean with situation can be categorized in three things: relationships, lifestyle, work life. Ask yourself if there is something in your life that causes inner stress or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. Also: Changing the situation you’re currently in might be the solution to more than just skin problems. 

2. Diet & Health

This is a pretty obvious one but I think a lot of people don’t really know what’s meant by that. Of course a healthy lifestyle is best for your overall health but there are some things that are very important to change especially in order to heal bad skin.

Things you should think about quitting are:
Highly processed foods
Refined sugar
Unhealthy fats
White flour

And of course any food you are allergic or sensitive to.

3. Skincare

One of the things I’ve learned is that less is more: I changed my daily skincare from a 8-step to a 2 to 4-step routine which not only saves time but also money. I already made a blog post on my skincare routine if you are interested in that! But quickly give you an idea: My used products are water, 100% pure rose water, sometimes tea tree oil for breakouts and a 100% natural sea sand peeling two times a week.

4. Hormones

By that I don’t mean: Get yourself some hormones.
With this step I mean to get you hormones in check. Sometimes hormonal stress can be caused by medication or situative circumstances. And with that you may not react to your contraceptive the way you used to. Speak to your gynecologist about that and see if your skin problems can be based on your hormones. Especially if you notice other issues as e.g. headaches, mood swings or cramps! 

5. Patience

It’s the thing I wasn’t when I got this bad skin: patient. 
Why it is important?
Healing is a process, doesn’t matter if inside or outside. And so the skin needs time to get back to a healthy stadium.
Don’t rush and change your new habits to rapidly just because there aren’t results after a week.
It took me about 3 months being able to slowly but surely see results.

That’s the thing with long-term goals: They take time but they will stay.

I hope that you might take something from my experience and tips.

See you soon!

Lina Marie W.


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