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Being and finding inspiration

gesund, glücklich, erfolgreich

Being and finding inspiration

One candle itself might not be as bright,
but if we all light just one,
together we can bright up the night

When I think about how my life went so far, I come across loads of things I wanted to achieve and that I simply have not. Don’t get me wrong – a few dreams really did come true, but being the ambitious and always-something-new type of human that I am, you might guess that there is no full glass for me. 

Interestingly I find myself reaching goals most when I am not setting them.

And with that weird statement I want to introduce you to todays post. It won’t be a long one, I promise. I just wanted to come up here and talk or rather write about something that I got remembered of quite recently. At this point I want to make a quick shoutout to Lydia Elise Millen who talked about this in her recent YouTube video. 

Anyways. I want to talk about inspiration and what it meant in my life so far – especially when it comes to setting and reaching goals. 

Why you shouldn’t set DO-goals

If you read the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear this following part might sound familiar to you. Basically it says that you should think of new habits in a way your desired future self would think about them. My turn on this is to not think about goals in a case of doing but rather in a case of being. Think about who you want to be and what that person would do. If you want to be an author – write. If you want to be athletic – work out. If you want to be famous – put yourself out there. 
There isn’t much space left for excuses or confusion when you start to think like your future self and what it would do. 

This by the way is how I fulfilled some of my biggest dreams. Not by saying “I want to do this and that” but rather “I want to be this person”. 

Find yourself an inspiration

This part is a bit tricky because it can lead to obsession and frustration. So please pay attention. Let me explain what I mean by it. 
Growing up I always had idols. People who I thought are perfect in every kind of way. Unfortunately when I was growing up there wasn’t such thing as Instagram or YouTube where you could find inspiration in real people. No. For me it was Blair Waldorf, Gabriella Montez and Hannah Montana. And those aren’t real. 
What I’m trying to say is that you should find yourself real inspiration. Real people with real problems who actually go to the bathroom (not like the movie characters who don’t seem to have a bladder).
Finding role models is nice in that perspective that these people show that it is possible to live like that. And the more you have the better since you can create your future self out of loads of good characteristics. 
Me for example, I currently have about 5 to 10 people I adore and that give me inspiration on a daily basis. 
But as I said – don’t try to be someone else that you’re not. Inspiration shouldn’t be obsession, it should help finding your own path. 

To start somewhere, here are 10 examples for daily inspiration and motivation:
Be an inspiration for others

Last but not least – it doesn’t matter whether you have a big platform or just a few friends. We all can be an inspiration for each other. When writing my book I always wished for just one thing: I hoped that it would help one person. One. I have never dreamed of the amount of lovely messaged I received in the end. But to be happy and fulfilled I wanted to help one person. And that’s enough. Every single gesture and smile will find its way to change the world. Every butterfly is able to control the future.
So never underestimate what an inspiration you can be for others. 

With that I want to leave it here and wish you a wonderful day, night, morning or dream. Whatever you need right now.
Let me know where you get your inspirations from and how you were an inspiration for others yesterday!

I’d love to see you next time. 

Lots of Love,
Lina Marie 




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