What started as a trend years ago now became an inherent part in a lot of morning routines. And even though it may look a bit funny and not quite delicious – to be fair – its advantages outweigh the somewhat weird look of it.

I am talking about porridge… obviously.

But what is it, that people love about this mushy and its natural form more greige looking substance? And how is it made properly so it can unfold its magical youth and strength bringing super power?

Porridge itself requires the least amount of ingredients that’s possible – one which is oats. Well, of course you have to add liquid to it, but water isn’t that much of an ingredient isn’t it? Most of us are happy enough to have access to fresh water all the time, so I don’t consider it as a real ingredient. But that’s it – so how comes, that porridge may change a life when consumed daily?

It’s not a difficult to know where the magic comes from. And if it is, I will tell you: Oats.
These little flakes contain a lot of good nutrients as natural protein, complex carbs, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and of course a lot of fiber. Real local superfoods so to say.
And to really get the power out of it, it is important to prepare and top your porridge properly.

Porridge itself is made of a 1:2 oat-liquid ratio and can be cooked with all kind of milks and of course water. I like to use either only water or a bit of coconut or soy milk. Also I tend to use rather too much than too less liquid so it gets very creamy and mushy. You just cook it on a middle heat til it reached your preferred consistency.
After cooking you just pour your mixture into a bowl, add some sweetness (I prefer maple sirup or honey), some nut butter and some fruits. My typical porridge contains apple, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

If you haven’t tried porridge yet, you should definitely give it a go – it’s perfect all year round!

Also: oats are naturally gluten free and only can get in contact with gluten while packing für the markets. But you can find gluten free oats nearly everywhere!

Let me know, if you tried it!

Until then.


See you soon
Lina Marie W.


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