A LITTLE GETAWAY // 17.-18.06.20

We have that kind of new tradition to take “girl trips” every now and then – usually to celebrate my grandmothers birthday. Just my mother, my grandmother, my sister, sister in law and I anywhere near with a lot of sparkly drinks and hours of shopping.

This time our destination was a city I went to plenty of times, even though the last time was about 10 years ago:

Potsdam, the capital city of Brandenburg (near Berlin) in Germany.


We stayed at a hotel directly next to the Brandenburg gate, which was just perfect for our purposes. Surrounded by little cafés, restaurants and only few steps away from the main shopping street, we definitely enjoyed our 24 hours we spend there.

I really love those places that are surprisingly near and fast to reach but feel like a different world which can be very welcome in this certain times and all the travel restrictions. 

It really felt a bit like normal again (of course despite the face masks and distancing).


If you ever go to Potsdam, I highly recommend visiting Sanssouci. The beauty of the park and the castle itself is just unbelievable stunning.



I will make a blog post on what I wear and also details on the hotel we stayed in (which was magical!) 

Stay tuned for that!

See you soon

Lina Marie W.


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