2021 – The year of finding purpose and refocusing

2021, here we go.
I don’t know wether it is still okay to say Happy New Year after almost a month, but whatever:

Happy New Year!

It has been a pretty challenging time for me due to some mental and physical health issues I had to face during the past one or so months.
Though I am not over that just yet, I am pretty confident that this year will be quite a good one.

Because this year will be the one to refocus and find purpose again.
At least for me.

There are some big things coming up for me this year.
After publishing my book and my planner in 2020 I’m looking forward to new projects.
But also studywise I have a very exciting year ahead of me!
I am going to do my specification and am in full preparation for my state exam (which won’t take place in 2021 but in the beginning of 2022).

One thing that will also change for me and for you is the niche I am going to settle myself into.
Since being on social media and youtube I always thought that finding a niche isn’t really important and since I am someone who has thousands of interests and fields I could do tons of videos or posts about, I never really thought that I could find one.
Similar to my study by the way.

But this whole being unsettled and trying to cover all my interests just isn’t really working out for me anymore.

It just feels (and this is something I could and should have been aware of) unsettled!

So I sat down and really thought about my purpose and what I am truly interested in and it came to me like a lightning due to it being so simple and obvious.
It was something I always said before when explaining what my blog is about:
Health Life Style which is meant to be similar to Healthy Lifestyle.

Because that is basically what I am passionate about: HEALTH and a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Sorry if I’m rambling.

But what it means:

I will do more posts about

healthy food
how to be healthy while being busy
more about working out
lifestyle changes to be healthier
how to be sexy because come on we all want a sexy body, don’t we?
Being the full potential because that is healthy!
Mental health
and all the things I am constantly educating myself about besides my law studies! 

And you know what?
I am damn excited about that!
Because what stays with us, no matter what?
Right, our bodies.
And to treat them right, we should eat healthy and work out.

Since I’ve rambled a lot now, I’m gonna call it a post here and let you just see what’s coming up.
Because it will be a good one.


See you soon.

Lina Marie W.


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About Me

My name is Lina Marie and I am a 24 year old law student, dancer, singer, author, blogger and nutritionist. 
My passion is to live life the most beautiful way and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

I am from and live in Germany and love to explore nature and old towns.
Since English is my favourite language, I love writing in English but do have some German posts too.

Welcome to my little cozy space and let me take you along my journey to a healthy, beautiful life with all that comes with it. 

Lina Marie W.