After quite a bit of time I started noticing something very important. I am someone who loves to have time for myself that I can spend however I want to. It’s not because of loving to be alone really. I sometimes just this moments to be with myself and see what is best for me to maybe cope with things which are bothering me.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s selfish at all wanting to have that little extra of time. Actually, I believe that it’s very necessary for growth and self development.

It is nothing to feel guilty about, if any it would be appropriate to feel guilty about not taking enough time for yourself!

How I take time for myself

It surely isn’t the easiest thing to take some extra time especially while trying to be our best selves all the time. So I got three little ways how I manage to get those hours all to myself without even trying too hard.

1 – Have a “Loungewear Day” every week

What I started doing just a few weeks ago is having a Loungewear Day every Thursday or Friday where I have my usual early morning routine but don’t get dressed as I would on the other days. Instead I put on my favorite loungewear and keep it on for the rest of the day. Wether I work on those nonetheless, depends on my mood. But usually these days are my washing, cleaning and pampering days wich contains lovely movies and a lot of great food.

2 – Embrace the no disturb mode 

Have you ever experienced that beautiful feeling of not having any mails, calls or messages? If not, try out the no-disturb mode. Sometimes we’re only stressed because everyone is able to get to us all the time. But with putting your phone or working devices into no-disturb or rather airplane mode for a few hours, it can help being more productive and enables the possibility to get things done in a more ordered way.

3 – Establish daily routines

Daily habits as waking up early or enjoying a cappuccino every day at 3p.m. can do magic. Even if there is no time for a whole day off, little routines can make a day better by adding some extra me time into it.


And there you have it. Getting some extra time for yourself is very important especially in this uncertain times. So put your device on airplane mode a get a nice cup of coffee to enjoy.

See you soon

Lina Marie W.


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