Days in the garden // 01.06.20

In these uncertain times spending your hours with something that truly nourishes your soul seems to be more important than ever.
With that in mind I spend the whole weekend with my significant other, playing badminton in his parents garden and enjoying our time as best as we could.

Back at home I thought that I would need to start working right away. But due to the nice weather I just couldn’t convince myself to sit down at my desk and waste those beautiful sunny hours.

Something that  I rarely ever do is sitting outside with my laptop just because my concentration seems to go anywhere but not where it should go. But somehow, today I got a lot of things done while enjoying the fresh and warm air!


Finished off the day perfectly with my family, nice food and heavenly delicious non alcoholic sparkling wine with ice.

These are the kind of days you need right now I believe. 

Just slowing down, finding inner calm and do things you wouldn’t normally get to do.

With that I want to wish you a peaceful time and hopefully some sun and good food!

See you soon

Lina Marie W.


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Lina Marie W.

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My name is Lina Marie and I am a 24 year old law student, dancer, singer, author, blogger and nutritionist. 
My passion is to live life the most beautiful way and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

I am from and live in Germany and love to explore nature and old towns.
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